Tips for Taking Care of Leather Bags

If you have leather bags or clothing and you love them very much, it is pretty sure that you need to take care of them very carefully in order to let them all shiny and more durable, prevent from getting old too fast, and in some cases clean them the right way. Beside there can be some accidentally scratches  and fading colors that need be cleared. This article is giving you some tips to help you keep your leather bags a shiny as new.

1.Daily cleaning

Leather may require frequent clean and care to maintain its best shape, wipe it gently with wet towel, apply leather oil after clean. This way we can prevent the leather bag from cracking and scuffing. So this can extends its life.

2. Cleaning hard stain off :

Wipe gentle the surface of the leather bag with a wet towel. You can apply leather cleaning or stain remover to get rid of tough stain. And be patient gentle.

3. Storage tips:

Fill your bags with dry papers to keep and maintain the shape of the bag. You can use carton and shape it after the shape of the bag. When not use, put the shaped carton to the bag. And do not place heavy object on the bag to avoid deformation.

4. Utility Tips:

Avoid high exposure to sunlight, do not wash with water. Prevent any chemical liquid fall onto the skin of the leather bag.

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