Timeless bag styles

Bags are a functional accessory in our closet. The amount of choice we get to pick from is just overwhelming, making the choice a little hard to make! A bag’s first purpose is to carry your stuff around with ease, yes, fashion is not number one on this list, and to protect our privacy concealing what we carry around (Not that the new transparent designs are not just out of this world! I’m personally guilty of having way too many).

The second purpose of that huge collection of bags, I know you will like this one, is FASHION. This is the reason why we can never have enough of them.

Here is a little list of my all-time favorite bag styles that will never be out of place:

Tote bags:

tote bag, shoulder bag

These easy to carry tote bags are just exceptional, they fulfill the two purposes mentioned above (Carrying stuff and fashion). The huge capacity means that you can put anything in there, even a pair of shoes! (I’m sure that you did this at some point, I know that I did) and every day there is a new design that makes your mouth water and you just want to get it as fast as you can regardless of the price tag (and your bank account). One of the best advantages of tote bags is that it doesn’t have to be pricey for it to look awesome! Just one at a retail store will make your day.



Where do I begin with these ones? They’re chic and classy. They typically come very handy in almost any occasion. A casual day, a busy office day or a great party. Just choose the clutch design that will both suit your needs for the occasion and that you will like. The plus side is that they’re very easy to carry.


crossbody bag

If like me, on some days you’re lazy enough to not want to carry your own bag, then this is a purse that’s lying around in your closet! This bag gives you much more freedom of movement than any other bag (backpacks excluded) and it looks very chic. The adjustable strap is great to make the bag fit around you, and the clasp is often easy to use. There are lots of shapes and sizes of crossbody bags fit what you need.

The everyday shoulder bag:

hand bag, shoulder bqg

This one is usually the first bag we get. The size is not too big nor too small, a simple yet chic style and very functional for your day. Besides, this is the bag that will set you on the path of becoming a bag hoarder *sigh*



This bag style is not only amazing looking but it’s also very functional, you can even carry your laptop if the size is right. They’re very sturdy and last for a long time. It’s just perfect for a working woman.

This was my very short list of must-have bags, but I admit I own more than I need, I’m a bag addict. You can find bags in every single corner of my home, you can even find one stashed away under a bed or in a tight corner. However, for fashion, it’s all worth it.

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