[HOT] USB Fashion Leather Sling Bag for Men


  • Modern Fashion Leather Sling Bag for Men, Students and Teenager Boys
  • Great For one who riding or traveling a lot
  • Can charge your phone with an external USB charging port attached to this leather sling bag.

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A Fashion Messenger Crossbody Bag for Men

This is great for men who are traveling around so much. With this sling bag, you will have free hand and do other stuff like riding and charging your phone at the same time. How can you do that? Because this fashion leather sling bag has a usb charging port. So you can put the power back inside and use the port to charge your phone. This feature of the sling bag is so great for travelers.

The design of this leather sling bag is totally fashion, digital look, modern look, young and active. It has only 2 colors: Brown and Black. The exterior pattern is solid color. So the bag will be very shiny. So this is also nice and handy for teenager boys and students boys too. They can have it walking or riding along to class.

Let see below, this can be used as a cross-body bag too.

[HOT] USB Fashion Leather Sling Bag for Men

Please note on the dimension of the product: 13.78″ Height x 6.6″ width

Model show leather sling bag

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Black, Brown