Cute Anime Backpack For Girls with External USB Port


  • Cute design backpack for teenagers
  • Roomy for class stuffs
  • Well organized compartments
  • Handy on traveling with external USB charging port

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One of the cute anime backpacks for teenagers

The design is cute enough to be attractive. The external is filled with cartoon, emoji anime character and Japanese text. This looks good for kids and teenager girls. This teenager cartoon design backpack is from durable material.

The cartoon backpack is roomy enough to store all books and notebooks for class. More than that, it is can hold 15 inch laptop inside. Also with a side pocket, this cute anime backpack can be a place for your kids to keep an umbrella in case of rain, or put a bottle of water on the side of the backpack.

Like it is called a USB backpack, there is a USB port, which can help the teen to charge the phone while traveling.

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Please keep in mind that we sell only the backpack, so power bank is not included :D. You have to get it somewhere else.


Additional information

Weight 1.8739 lbs
Dimensions 17.7165 × 11.8110 × 1.9685 in
Bag Color

apple black, blue, emoje black, Blue and White, white


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