Sterling Silver Heart Necklace – Hollow Heart Frame

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  • Hollow heart-shaped silver pendant necklace
  • Fashion and Romantic style
  • Safe for skin
  • Great gift for your one you love
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Sterling Silver Heart Necklace with hollow heart metal frame

Craftsmen made this Sterling Silver Heart Necklace with love and personal intimate relationships in mind.

First of all, the pendant’s design is for women to wear on any occasion and it can go with any outfit, therefore, it can be worn on a daily basis. Its type and shape are meant to be shown around as much as possible.

The designer took special care to make the chain as light and thin as possible, this design ensures maximum comfort.

As a gift, this silver necklace is perfect for a partner. It shows you care about them and conveys that love without effort.

Even a single person can gift this silver heart necklace. Love is sacred and can be shared in different ways. Buy one for your mom and show her your love and gratitude for all she sacrificed for you!

You can also get one for your little sister and show her some love and a little remorse for all the mischief you got her into while you were kids

Sterling Silver Heart Necklace

The beauty of this type of pendants is that other than the emotional message it conveys, it can go with anything you wear. Whether the outfit you choose for your day is casual, funky or a sophisticated dress for a fancy party this necklace is a great piece of jewelry.

Sterling Silver Heart Necklace

Some good features

The chain is very light hence you feel almost as if you’re not wearing anything around your neck!

What’s even more important is that the person wearing it can fasten and unfasten the claps on their own.

One other thing that stands out about this necklace is the beautiful flower pattern making the heart-shaped pendant. The pattern is made out of small flowers and even smaller leaves this is the reason why it looks so much more feminine and soft than a lot of other necklaces.

Sterling Silver Heart Necklace

Quality material

Being made out of premium quality material, this necklace is 100% safe and will not cause any allergies or discomfort.

Sterling Silver Heart Necklace

Size and measurements

This is a picture of the pendant and necklace in the palm of a hand for size reference.

The size is perfect for any chest size and the length is just right for about any neck type.

Sterling Silver Heart Necklace real photo

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  1. Elvin

    Very shinny necklace. Recomended.

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