Choosing the right handbag to fit your shape

Handbags the most important fashion accessories for anyone. The beautiful designs, the vibrant colors and the amazing fabrics enhance the beauty of any outfit and give a very good impression of you to the rest of the world. However, as simple it might sound, not everyone can choose a bag that really fit her body.

Below, you will find some tips for you to consider in choosing the right handbag to fit the shape of your body.

Tall and thin

Girls that are tall and thin can easily find the right type of bag for their body shape, from large bags to elegant and chic clutches. However, bags that are too small make your body look taller than it really is. Handbags of medium to large size and with lots of prints are the perfect choice for you.

Below is a great example of a handbag that will fit you perfectly.

cute and classy large handbag

Large handbag


A petite girl should choose a handbag of huge proportions! It will only make her look a lot smaller. Little shoulder bags with thing straps are perfect. They complement your body and make you look fabulous.

Big hips

If you’re a girl with curves then you should aim to draw attention away from your hips to your upper body. This means you should go with a short strapped shoulder bag. a medium-sized shoulder bag with regular straps is usually great as well.

Big chest

I think this one is pretty obvious. you definitely should stay away from anything with short straps, this will draw focus from your chest area and complement your lower body.

Athletic’s body

If your lucky to have this body shape then the sky is the limit when it comes to shoulder bags! You can choose whatever style and it will fit you perfectly. Just avoid bags with lots of angles.


The right handbag enhances your appearance but even with a bag that is not 100% perfect for your body shape, you can still rock any look you want, you just need to choose something you like and that you feel comfortable wearing.

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